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Party Platters

Our fusion of smoke house meats with the rich flavors the Caribbean will provide a unique and delicious dining experience for any special event. We can create custom menus to suit your event ideas.

All our party portion items are prepared in chafing-ready half trays that fit right into any standard rectangular chafing dish. Serves10-15

Pork $65 Arroz Con Gandules $45
Chicken $40 Black Beans and Rice $45
Tri Tip $75 Potato Salad $45
 Ribs $40 Coleslaw $45
Brisket $75 Mac & cheese $40
Pasta Salad $45 BBQ  Beans $45
Garlic Mashed Potatoes $45 Garden salad $25
Fruit Salad Bar $45 Maduros $30
Caribbean Taco bar $5 per person (30 minimum) Empanadas $36 dozen (on site cooking only)
 dinner rolls (3dz) $15 Dessert bar $3 per person (30 minimum)


Due to the slow cooking of our meats and the use of fresh ingredients, a 24 hour notice is appreciated.